Global International Affairs

April 9th 2019 I am staying in Bari currently and here aside in the picture it stands on to the wall an example of street diplomacy. The anonymous graphiter, sketcher etc. claims to have out from Bari, Salvini, current Italian Ministry of Interior and leader of the Northern League, a right wing government political party on the verge to restyle itself as the League, and thus with a more national outlook, which has come to be moreover interlinked with ideological laces coming from Marine Le Pens’s Front National. To be said it is all a great ongoing plenty of contradictions, if fortunately played with great involuntary accents of 80s Italian comedy! Upon which basis indeed a Northern and somehow racist party which was backing secession of Norther Italy could gain political favor in Southern Italy it is actually mysterious. Probably, who knows, upon the disquieting project to timely enhance the position, so as to ironically say, of the Italienish Zudeten, of which the current Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte is peculiar an example. And what idea of French nationalism may back in Italy le Front National, by means of an alliance with a League of the kind, not to mention it is well known as leagues start with olympic games and end down to the mercy of superior masters! Yet for sure all the Italian condos will be saved! And there will never be gaz shortage to freeze the cold Italian winters! Plenty of contradictions, and ambivalence too, as it is such Italian political ongoing, ambivalent is then also the wall script here in the picture. It sounds like an unclear football command yet however, paramount, as a sort of naturalization of the Northern Salvini, vested as a Middle Ages footballer, into the social fabric of Bari. By the way, if Salvini, he has to play or not to play the game, this is a question for the anonymous wall sketcher. And more generally, I have noticed, here in Bari, Salvini is recognized as an interlocutor also from those who overtly oppose his politics. At the entry of the University for instance there is a post about a women rally which contest his political stances the scope of a woman is to procreate. I would stand with such women, and also because as Sartre rightly considered, a huge share of married men, fathers of families, are homosexuals and the singles are instead etero neglected. But I am sure I would pass ignored before such women and even though I had to express super cute backing opinions, and whereas Salvini is instead definitely an interlocutor! And I perceive he enjoys a special, interesting sympathy here in Bari, beyond, I would say, the political boundary. Which game then for Salvini, which role, in or out, out from where, into what…who knows….for sure, and even though I am not a football follower and fan, I have suffered to the news Bari Football Team is not playing since long and too long into the major championship! Bari is actually my Italian Liverpool, my Italian sweet heart, and has to play A! And it is really not the right way to count about upon the dubious backing of Naples, as moreover more recently axed with Turin, whose ferocious visage I could more recently contemplate in some occasions. The Black Cocks of Bari need then an investor from Paris. Bernard Tapie, I would say! He would find in Bari, Paris’ natural waters, Macron could cross them, Salvini apostle! Goal!