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April 5th 2019 – President of Algeria Bouteflika has been ousted, better more has resigned after the strong invitation received from the Army, and upon a long wave of popular, streets protests. An Algerian source has recently told me protests were and are against globalization, la mondialisation, and that Bouteflika was regarded by the public opinion, and who knows which then in particular I ultimately add, responsible of  a not welcomed open up to the USA. There has probably been a long recalling about, a kind of pipeline of worries and discontent, crossing all over the years and ready to break up, somehow, these times, la mondialisation is allowing more nationalism.   Bouteflika actually visited and met Bush in 2001, a few months before September 11, and since that time, under Bouteflika, Algeria has been at the forefront in the fight of Islamic terrorism and at the same time, in the management of practices intended to social reconciliation and the  integration of moderate Islam into the political intercourse. And my Algerian source has been pretty steady on the point, on the hidden vision, popular unrest was not as much addressed towards any possible economic stagnation, or corruption, or the fact of being  Bouteflika too old a President moreover serving since 1999 as instead to the fact he was considered coupable  d’avoir ouvert  à la modialisation.  It is a perspective, I have noticed, media have not reported. Just these days, only after Bouteflika strongly invited resignation,  Paris has yet declared the Algerian people has to be owner of its destiny, Moscow has precised that has to happen without any external interference, Washington has expressed is to the Algerian people to rule out the renewal of Algeria.  My Algerian source had then particularly right an inner vision there was, there is, an unspoken insight into the popular unrest that is fear for globalization, mondialisation.   It is then interesting as such fear is not outspoken actually. It is a silence which does not speak directly against la mondialisation or globalization, but makes its overt target economic stagnation, any possible corruption, and an old and moderate President which visited Bush in 2001 and went recovered in France in   2014 for a mini stroke. But if the point is, or are, mondialisation, globalization, it will be then extremely delicate such phase is coming next, transition towards what, which kind of model, national model…if, just put it, a simple major nationalism of revenues coming from the national resources..or a more complex project alternatively more against or more next to France, more against or more favorable to Islam, and which Islam then just in case, which the imam,  the ayatollah etc. and so on. It will be all for sure a great wonderful unspoken and unspeakable post. Un grand  péché among all the many and usual!